Collaborations among members of several groups

2D Cutting Problem

This problem is defined as fitting a set of pieces to a given layout that leads to a minimum total waste and that fulfills a set of constraints depending on the nature of the material to be cut (e.g., cutting wood is different from cutting glass). This task is performed as a collaboration between UC3M and UMA.

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)

Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) allow disabled persons to control devices with their thoughts. Medical sensors data such as EEG analysis can benefit from a multiobjective classification perspective. This task is performed as a collaboration between UC3M and ULL.

Automatic Frecuency Planning (AFP)

The AFP problem in GSM networks relies in assigning the limited spectrum of frequencies available to all TRXs of the network in order to maximize its performance, or, what is the same, minimize interferences. The input data include the network topology as well as the potential interferences between each pair of TRXs. This task is performed as a collaboration between UC3M and UMA

MORND: Multiobjective Radio Network Design

This is a proposal of multi-objective formulation for the RND problem. Although it has been tackled with a specific meta-heuristic, this formulation can be useful as model for other approaches that use different evolutionary algorithms.